Gestanin is a medication used to prevent spontaneous abortion and premature labor.

Gestanin has been used for many years to prevent spontaneous abortion. In addition to this, it is also used to prevent premature labor. This medication has been known to be quite effective to eliminate these problems. Basically, this medication is a form of progestrogen. This substance is structurally very similar to the hormone progesterone. Patients who suffer from a progesterone deficiency are known to show some positive results with the use of progestrogen. Thus, this medication can help women carry fetuses to term. Gestanin has been specifically designed to be taken when a woman’s pregnant. However, it still carries the risk of some mild side effects like other medications during pregnancy.

Threatened abortion – You should take just 5mg tablets 3 times daily for 57 days. After this period, you should gradually reduce the dosage until symptoms disappear. Habitual abortion – You should take 510mg tablets daily as soon as your pregnancy has been diagnosed until the critical period is over. Threatened Premature labor – Take a single tablet up to 40mg daily.

A patient must not exceed the maximum amount of 20mg a day to be on the safe side. Your dosage requirement may vary depending on your condition. Only your doctor would be able to determine, based on series of tests, how much of Allyloestrenol you need daily to benefit from it. Never use another person’s prescription for your own condition. Take time to see the doctor for yourself and talk him through the indications and contraindications of the medicine that may occur in your case.
Some patients may not be able to take Gestanin at all and might require an alternative medication, depending on the condition, its severity, and the overall condition of health involving the patient. Patients with health conditions such as heart disease, congestive heart failure, sick sinus syndrome, coronary artery disease, seizures, epilepsy, renal dysfunction, migraine headaches typically associated with hormonal changes in the body, or breathing diseases including but not limited to asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or COPD may not be able to take Gestanin.
Just like other medications, Gestanin should only be taken as prescribed by a physician or prescription instructions. Moreover, patients should not take a double dose of this medication or take any additional medications which may interact with it. If a patient overdoses while taking this medication, she should be given immediate medical attention. If there’s been an overdose, the patient may experience symptoms like unusual drowsiness, excessive fatigue, accelerated heart rate, fainting, coma, seizures, rigid muscles and uncontrollable twitching of muscles in the neck, jaw or face. In case you’ve been prescribed this medication for a long time, you should always obtain refills before running out of your medication. This will make sure you don’t experience any side effects or other health issues. In case you’ve been using this medication because of a hormone deficiency, randomly stopping its usage may cause some health complications. Before taking any new medications, you should always consult your prescribing physician.
Gestanin has been known to decrease the effect of tricyclic antidepressants, anticoagulants and hypoglycaemic agents. Barbiturates, phenylalanine and rifampicin can also reduce its effects.