Privacy Policy


247drugz is one the best online pharmacies where you can find and buy at accessible prices prescription and no prescription drugs. Our online pharmacy website helps people to buy drugs and generics at lower costs. Our product line covers a wide range of medical categories and offers superior products and services for lower prices. If you are looking a place to buy your prescription or no prescription drugs with a great service, discretion and privacy, you might become a regular client. All our products are made in facilities completely certified that comply with international standards and our drugs are produced by important pharmaceuticals that have a reputation in the field.

Two of the best features that offers 247drugz are discretion and privacy. Normally these characteristics are taken for granted when buying drugs, but the truth is they can a make a really big difference between a legit online pharmacy and an undercover scam.

247drugz offers real discretion.

Discretion is an ability to know that some information you possess, does not need to be public and not every online pharmacy has the minimum standards to achieve this.

At 247drugz being a legit online pharmacy, discretion is a fundamental part of our customer care. Customer’s satisfaction and health are our top priorities. We offer discretion by giving our clients the chance to buy in complete anonymity the medicines they need and receive the product in the comfort of their home.

Since we are the best online pharmacy, our team is ready to take your orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning that you can go online when you have some along/ private time and browse our wide drug selections, read carefully all the specifications, contact customer care through our live chat, phone or email if there is any doubt or further information you may need, and the possibility to pause your browsing if something else needs urgent attention. Packaging is also designed to be discreet since products are not visible from the outside.


247drugz has taken into consideration situations like the ones above in order to satisfy our customer and build long.lasting relations.

The Privacy given to customers at 247drugz

The lack of privacy when buying drugs is one of the main reasons why people have turned to buy online drugs. Having noted in a piece of paper your personal information, delivery address (which is usually home or work), payment form and medical information can result in unnecessary stress for customers. Maybe is just the person in front of you that doesn’t inspire you confidence.

247drugz takes seriously your information safe keeping as a legit online pharmacy. We have a privacy policy and are committed to protecting the information given during the purchasing process at all costs. All details containing your personal information, your order placement, payment methods, shipping address, medical records are only used for internal process and are secured by using encrypted communications channels for your protection. Another less thing to worry about.